Choosing the colour and finish for your fridge freezer to compliment your kitchen


Choosing the colour and finish for your fridge freezer to compliment your kitchen

Choosing the colour and finish for your fridge freezer to compliment your kitchen


White Cabinets

If your kitchen boasts white cabinets, you have a multitude of options at your disposal. The choice largely hinges on the specific style you've embraced. In the case of a modern kitchen, consider opting for black or stainless steel appliances. Conversely, if your kitchen exudes a classic or minimalist charm, and you desire a warm and inviting ambiance, red or orange appliances could be the perfect choice to add a statement piece.

Black Cabinets

Black cabinets exude a timeless allure, yet harmonising them with the right fridge colours can be a nuanced task. The wrong choice might weigh down your kitchen's visual appeal. We recommend exploring light colours like cream, white, or vanilla to counterbalance the impact of black cabinets, lending a bright and softening effect.

Natural / Wood Colour Cabinets

Wood is a versatile material widely employed in cabinetry, offering ample opportunities for enhancement. If you have a penchant for pine wood, consider selecting white or cream appliances, which can impart a sense of brightness and spaciousness to your kitchen. Alternatively, stainless steel appliances beautifully complement the natural aesthetics of wood.

For those inclined toward a bolder approach, you might explore vibrant options like green or warm yellow, which can easily be carried through your accessories and other kitchen appliances.

Grey Cabinets

Grey cabinets possess a dual nature—they can exude elegance but might also feel a tad chilly. The good news is that infusing warmth into your grey kitchen is a straightforward endeavour with the right appliances and accessories.

Consider pairing grey with black induction hobs or stainless steel appliances for a refined and sophisticated space. Conversely, if you desire a cosier atmosphere, vibrant hues like green, light blue, or yellow can infuse your grey kitchen with warmth and a welcoming vibe.

Coloured Cabinets

Contrasting your kitchen appliances with the colour of your cupboards and worktops can be an effective way to add colour and draw the eye. However, another approach that we recommend is to match the colour of your appliances to offer a seamless look and feel to your kitchen for a modern contemporary finish.

At Bespoke Fridges, we offer an extensive range of colours and can match any pantone ensuring that we are the perfect suppliers no matter what approach you prefer to take for your new appliances.

By Andrew Metcalf