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Grundig/leasure American fridge freezer Bespoke union flag design


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beko American fridge freezer Bespoke union flag design

Top features: 

– MultiZone compartment can be used as additional fridge or freezer space 

– Internal ice and water dispenser offers instant cold beverages 

– NeoFrost keeps both cavities free from ice 

– Air flow cooling keeps the temperature consistent 

– Active Fresh Blue Light preserves nutrients in fruit and vegetables 

MultiZone compartment 

Enjoy never having to cram shopping into your fridge freezer again. thanks to the Beko MN1416224DPX Fridge Freezer

You’ll love the MultiZone compartment when you’re whipping up a feast for guests. The temperature can be adjusted to match either your freezer or fridge. providing versatile space to suit the food you’re storing. Internal ice and water dispenser 

The MN1416224DPX features a plumbed water dispenser. so you’ll never have to fill an internal water tank to get cold water on tap. And with an ice dispenser too. you can make any drink extra refreshing and cool. 


Removing ice from the freezer can be a slow and frustrating process. With the MN1416224DPX‘s NeoFrost system. you’ll never need to remove ice again. 

Both the fridge and freezer cavities have their own separate cooling systems to keep freshness. temperature and humidity exactly as they should be. while Ionguard keeps the air inside clean by neutralising harmful bacteria. That means no build-ups of ice invading valuable space. no transfer of odours and faster cooling. Above all. it means you get consistently fresh tasting food without the hassle of maintenance. 

Air flow cooling

You never need worry about your chilled food spoiling. or frozen food thawing due to rising temperature. The MN1416224DPX uses air vents across both the fridge and freezer cavities to make sure that the temperature stays even on every shelf. It also works to quickly restore optimum temperature once the doors have been closed. so those ‘hungry but indecisive’ moments don’t affect the freshness of your food.

And with Fast Freeze and Quick Cool functions. you can preserve your groceries quickly. as soon as you return from the supermarket. 

Active Fresh Blue Light

Your salads will taste more flavoursome than ever before with Active Fresh Blue Light Technology. The Beko MN1416224DPX Fridge Freezer features a salad crisper drawer that uses blue light to recreate a greenhouse environment – this locks in the nutrients of your fruit and veg. preserving vitamin C and protecting your ingredients from spoiling.

The result is fresh food that stays tasty for longer. so you aren’t in a rush to use up the ingredients you aren’t ready to eat. 




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