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Freestanding American Style Fridge Freezer GNE60520 bespoke AGA cream


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This multi-door American style fridge freezer comes with our NeoFrost™ technology which provides 2x faster cooling. fresher food and a freezer you won’t need to defrost.And. our Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology in the crisper drawer helps your fruit and vegetables retain their Vitamin C content.You can enjoy your healthy fruit and vegetables for longer. thanks to our Active Fresh Blue Light™ technology. Designed to help your fruit and veg continue photosynthesising. the crisper drawer protects their Vitamin C content so they stay fresh and nutritious for longer. making it easier for your family to Eat Like A Pro.

Want to reduce your food waste? Our crisper drawer’s technology is designed to continue the process of photosynthesis. protecting the Vitamin C content of your fruit and vegetables so they stay fresh for longer and taste 

Product Height (mm) 1825
Product width (mm) 840
Product depth (mm) 745
Carton height (mm) 1909
Carton width (mm) 907
Carton depth (mm) 772
Net Weight (kg) 125
Gross Weight (kg) 135


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