Happy Cow Finish SXS American Fridge Freezer in Door Ice Maker Bespoke


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Happy Cow Finish SXS American Fridge Freezer


  • Frost Free
    Maintains a constant flow of cold air through the appliance which prevents the build up of ice and frost on the inside of the freezer.
  • Ice & Water Dispenser
    Get perfectly cooled water and fresh crushed or cubed ice at the touch of a button with a plumbed water and ice dispenser. And because the appliance is permanently connected to your mains water supply. There is no refilling required.
  • NANO Fresh Technology
    Nano Fresh technology particles absorb gases to slow down the ripening of fruit and vegetables to help them last up to 20% longer. while Nano Preservation particles remove up to 90% of common and potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Inverter Compressor Technology
    Traditional compressors run at peak capacity 100% of the time – even though this is only necessary during the summer months or when the fridge door is open. Inverter technology measures the conditions inside your fridge and adjusts the cooling output accordingly. As well as saving energy, this new technology is quieter.
  • Multi Air Flow
    Thanks to the even distribution of cold air achieved by the Hisense Multi Air Flow System – an optimum temperature is consistently maintained throughout your fridge freezer – reducing odours and keeping food chilled to perfection no matter where it is placed.
  • Super Cool
    Ensures quick and stable cooling of food added to the fridge. This should help your food look good. taste great and stay nutritious for longer.
  • Super Freeze
    Ensures quick and stable freezing of items added to the freezer. This means your food will look good. taste great and stay nutritious for longer.



Gross Weight (Kg)    121
Net Weight (Kg)    110
Energy Efficiency Rating    A+
None Water Dispenser Model    Available at special request
Brand    Kenwood



   (With Packaging)
Height (mm)   1877
Width (mm)   979
Depth (mm)   777



  (Without Packaging)
Height (mm)   1786
Width (mm)   910
Depth (mm)   743



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