Rangemaster RDXD 21IV/C Real AGA Cream ( Samples on Request)

We love the incredible flexibility and style of this outstanding fridge freezer from Rangemaster. With the ability to separately control each freezer compartment you can select the best option for each space.

Super Cool and Super Freeze functions can rapidly reduce the temperature when you need it and freshness is maintained thanks to the Range Fresh preserver filtering the air. Rangemaster’s interior Ionizer controls the flow of negative ions into the compartments, for exemplary freshness and odour reduction.


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Rangemaster RDXD AGA Fridge Freezer


  • 4 Shades available
  • Even Circ™ 
    Minimises any heat transfer from the walls inside the cooler unit to ensure the food stays fresher for longer.
  • Ionizer™ 
    Technology spreads negative ions which neutralise particles of unpleasant odours and dust inside the refrigerator. By removing these particles, air quality is improved and odours eliminated.
  • RangeFresh™ 
    Preserver technology helps to remove ethylene gas (a bio product released naturally from fresh foods) and any unpleasant odours ensuring food stays fresher for longer.
  • Efficient LED Lighting  
    The LED lighting is now centrally positioned at the top and on the side walls (side walls fridge compartments only) giving more light dispersal compared to previous models.
  • Full Width Glass Shelving
    All fridge compartments have full width safety glass spill proof shelves with stainless steel trim. These are height adjustable giving consumers the flexibility to alter the position of the shelves dependent upon use.
  • ECO Running Mode
    Set this mode during periods of less frequent use (door opening) or absence from home, such as a holiday. ECO running mode can provide optimum temperature whilst saving power.
  • Holiday Mode
    Holiday mode is to be used if the device is to be left for an extended period. During holiday mode only the freezer compartment remains active.
  • Quick Drink Mode
    This appliance is equipped with a feature that serves as a reminder for any drinks you place in either of the freezer compartments with the intention of cooling them quickly. The time can be set in 5 minute increments anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. After the set time has expired an acoustic alarm will sound to remind you to take the beverages out of the freezer compartment(s).
  • Super Freeze Mode
    Super freeze is available on RSXS and RDXD models and can be used to freeze prepared foods and freeze fresh food quickly to retain freshness. This mode will automatically revert back to last set temperature after 24hrs unless deactivated manually.
  • Super Cool Mode
    Super cool is available on RSXS and RDXD models and can be used to cool and store a large quantity of food in the fridge compartment. This mode will automatically revert back to last set temperatures after 4hrs unless deactivated manually.
  • A+ Energy Efficient
    To continue to meet strict legislation the NEW Rangemaster refrigeration models will offer an A+ rating for Energy Efficiency.
  • Door Alarm
    If any of the doors are left ajar a soft alarm will warn of cool air escaping if they aren’t closed within 2 minutes.
  • Child Lock Function
    Child lock can be activated to prevent any accidental or unintentional changes being made to the appliance settings.



Colour of Door    Real Stainless Steel
Brand    LG
Capacity    591L / 20.87 cu.ft



(Including Hinge and Door Handle)

Height (mm) 1850
Width (mm) 910
Depth (mm) 763
Total Gross Volume (Litres) 653
Chiller Net Volume (Litres) 38
Fridge Net Volume (Litres) 390
Freezer Net Volume (Litres) 167
Energy kWh per annum                                  473
Noise dB(a)                                                    45



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