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Rangemaster SXS delux multi zone A+ Rated Cream Fridge Freezer RSXS19IV/C



Rangemaster SXS Deluxe 556 Litre A+ Rated AGA/Rangemaster cranberry  Fridge Freezer RSXS19IV/C

  • A+ Energy Rating
  • Ionizer, Even Circ and Rangefresh technology
  • 556-Litre Capacity
  • Totally frost-free
  • Vseal Function
  • Multiple modes to choose from
  • This is the Rangemaster SXS Deluxe 556 Litre A+ Rated Ivory Fridge Freezer RSXS19IV/C, which combines form and function to bring you an amazing professional style fridge freezer. As well as smart styling, this fridge freezer includes a variety of high tech features and functions to keep fresh and frozen food at its best.

    NEW Vseal

    Located on the exterior of the left door, this new feature draws air from a specialised reusable vacuum bag before then using heat to seal the bag shut. Vacuum sealing the bag dramatically limits air reaching foods, enabling them to stay fresher for longer. Additionally, the vacuum-sealed food can be used for sous vide cooking, which has many benefits, including retention of flavour, better textures and healthier results. Each SXS Deluxe includes 30 reusable vacuum bags.


    NEW Independently controlled zones

    NEW Independently controlled zones

    The SXS Deluxe features two freezer zones that can be independently controlled and alternated between freezer and fridge functionality as and when required e.g. for family BBQ’s or at Christmas for storing fresh desserts.



    Rangemaster’s innovative Ionizer technology works by spreading negative ions throughout the refrigeration interior, which in turn neutralizes any unpleasant odours and dust particles that could otherwise linger inside the cavity. By invisibly and silently removing them, the air quality inside the cooling appliance is instantly improved while any underlying odours are quickly eliminated.


    Even Circ

    Keeping food fresh or longer lies at the heart of each and every Rangemaster refrigeration appliance, which is what Even Circ is designed to do. This state-of-the-art technology minimises any heat transfer from the walls inside the cooler unit to ensure that the food stored inside it stays at its optimum freshness for longer.



    Rangemaster’s unique Rangefresh preserving technology helps to remove ethylene gas from inside the refrigeration cavity. This gas is a harmless bioproduct that is released naturally from fresh foods and by eliminating it, it also removes any unwanted odours that would otherwise naturally occur. This also has the added benefit of keeping food fresh for longer.

  • Features

    Energy Efficiency Class  A+
    Dimensions (cm h/w/d) 185 / 91 / 800
    Net Capacity, Total (litres) 557
    Colour Black
    Noise Level (dB) 45
    NoFrost Yes


    Capacity (Litres) 386
    Number of Shelves 3
    Drinks Compartment Yes
    Modes Eco, Holiday and Quick Drink
    Wine Rack Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    Drawers 3


    Cooling System NoFrost
    Capacity (Litres) 70
    Ice Tray Yes
    Drawers 4

    Other Features

    Super Cool Yes
    SuperFreeze Yes


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