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SAMSUNG Food ShowCase RF23HTEDBSR Bespoke copper finish


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SAMSUNG Food ShowCase RF23HTEDBSR Bespoke copper finish

The Samsung Food ShowCase RF23HTEDBSR/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer offers a multi-door design with easy-access compartment. water and ice dispensers and advanced cooling to keep your food fresh.Unique door layoutA pair of wide-opening fridge doors allows you to keep wider or larger goods cool. with flexible shelving that’s great when you want to fit bottles or tall items in the fridge.Below these. the freezer compartment is housed in a large pullout drawer that makes storing and retrieving frozen groceries simple. and completes the refrigerator’s smooth appearance.The Samsung RF23HTEDBSR has been named after its clever second inner ShowCase door. which features separate compartments that allow you to organise your favourite items for quick access.Fresher foodHelping your food stay fresh for longer. the Samsung Food ShowCase Fridge Freezer features Twin Cooling Plus. which employs two separate air flows and accurate temperature control to uphold optimised humidity levels in the fridge and freezer compartments alike.There’s also a high-capacity CoolSelect Pantry which allows food to be stored at the perfect humidity level. It’s ideal for preserving the taste of cold cuts. keeping

Pour yourself a glass of chilled water directly from the RF23 Food ShowCase American Fridge Freezer with its built-in water dispenser. It’s also able to deliver cubed and crushed ice to help keep food and drinks chilled.Use the ice blue LED display with touch controls to operate the dispensers. as well as other fridge settings such as temperature and control locks.Consistent and practical chillingYour Samsung Food ShowCase RF23HTEDBSR Fridge Freezer will look great inside and out with a Metal Cooling Interior within the door. The appliance has LED lighting throughout for a cool style that will impress guests and make finding what you want more easily.Able to run at six different speeds. the Digital Inverter Compressor allows for more consistent temperatures and a more durable design. This part is also quieter. and carries a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.Large and practical. the Samsung Food ShowCase RF23HTEDBSR/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer has the advanced features you want for better foo



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