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Paying by Card ?

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties 

please call customer services on 01782 576936 for details


Typical delivery timescale due to bespoke nature of the business is 4-6 weeks 


Refund policy is 7 days from point of order due to the bespoke nature of the business.


What inclusive guarantees do Bespoke fridges offer on American fridge freezers and what makes them better than the big stores ?

Most manufacturers typically offer a one-year guarantee, but we extend that to 2 years at no extra cost to offer you extra value. Our own brand Signature range Fridge freezers carry a total guarantee of 2 years, because we can be absolutely confident in their quality.

We also offer a lifetime guarantee on the all new Haier HB25 motor – that might be up to 25 years over and above the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

Why does Bespoke fridges uk do this?

We recognize that certain items are what you might call considered purchases, which people may feel a bit nervous about because of the financial outlay and the reliability factor involved. We want to offer you some extra reassurance that you won’t incur expensive repair bills in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

What’s the small print?

We’re covering the product to remain in working order for the life of that guarantee – in other words against manufacturing defect causing breakdown. If the product’s used in the prescribed way and it breaks down, our duty is to get the appliance back to working order – and if we can’t do that, we’ll replace it with the same model, or discuss an alternative with you if that’s no longer available.

So repair’s the first course of action?

Yes, because it’s essentially a repair guarantee – but of course sometimes it’s more expedient or economic to actually replace the appliance.

What happens if you do replace? Does the guarantee start again?

Afraid not in the case of home technology! If you buy your product from us, then we’re guaranteeing you’ll have a working item for x number of years, so you’ll get the remainder of the guarantee if we replace it during that time. For electrical/kitchen appliances though, you get a full guarantee again if the item’s replaced.

What doesn’t the free guarantee cover?

The main things not covered are damage caused by accidents or misuse.

What are guarantees worth in cash?

It’s difficult to categories typical repair bills, but call-out fees tend to be at least £50, then charges for parts and labour on top of that – so the average TV repair bill, for example, is likely to be well over £100.

What happens when the guarantee comes to an end?

If you buy extended warranty  within 60 days of buying your product, this insures you against future repair bills once the guarantee has expired. It will also safeguard you against accidental damage from day one (excluding large electrical appliances) – worth it if you know you or your family are a bit accident-prone!

So what do I need to do to claim under my guarantee?

Procedures vary depending on the kind of product, because there’ll be different arrangements for repair. Just keep the paperwork we give you – including the receipt – somewhere safe, and if you have a problem with your product, follow the instructions, or email call bespoke fridges  Technical Support on 01782 576936 (call charges will depend on your telephone provider.  Please check with your operator for exact charges). The team is available 8am – 9pm weekdays, 8am – 8pm Saturdays, 10am – 6pm Sundays. To help us handle your query promptly, please have your receipt and model number ready.

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